Aged Care facilities need to have a quality management system in place that is constantly monitored in order to assess its effectiveness and meet the requirements of the Accreditation Standards.

What are the benefits of benchmarking?

1) The process will underline how your site and residents are tracking, compared to other New Zealand facilities , which could be a positive talking point when meeting prospective residents. This can help with your bottom line, as well as encourage your staff to keep providing high-quality care.


2) Can help you identify which areas of your aged care facility could use a little work. With this information, you can take a more targeted approach to making improvements in your business.


3) Finally, it is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the aged care industry. If, for example, there are new methods or technology that other organisations have started using, but your business has not yet implemented yet, benchmarking can help you make an informed decision about the value such an investment might have for your aged care facility.


It’s important to remember the benchmarking process is an ongoing one. You should always be aware of where your aged care facility stands, as this is the only way to ensure you are providing your residents – both current and future – with the best possible service and care.

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HCSL offers the ideal benchmarking program for your facility, with reports, tools, data access and support systems designed specifically for you and your needs.

Cloud Based

Our software is cloud hosted, which gives you the ability to access our system and your vital information where ever you have internet access.  

User Permissions

HCSL gives you the ability to choose the level of access your users have. Ranging from FULL ACCESS through to your local GP or AUDITOR’s View.

Tablet Friendly

Designed for “On the Go” our software is optimised for use on a tablet, so you can take it with you, during shifts. 

Clinically Designed


Established in 2004 by Founder & CEO Gillian Robinson R.N, B.N & Lead Auditor Gillian has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is well recognised as an expert in the quality systems and policies.

Simple To Use

Our aim has always been to make HCSL Software as  comprehensive as possible but keep it as simple and easy to use as well. 

This New Zealand designed web based (on-line / in-the-cloud) Bench-marking and quality management system from Healthcare Compliance Solution Ltd allows you to:


  • Bench-mark in real-time – specific to resident type, event type, date and time of day.
  • Have automated default reports to s
  • Drill down into your data easily to identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Complete your internal audits online and have the corrective actions auto-populate into a corrective action log
  • Log and manage adverse events
  • Bench-marking of adverse events against other aged care providers
  • Support evidencing an active Health & Safety programme is in place
  • Log and manage infections – automatic outbreak registers
  • Bench-marking of infections against oth
  • ave you time analysing your data trends and patterns
  • er aged care providers
  • Log and manage your complaints with time-frame, investigation and response prompts
  • Dashboard view options for level of care and any chosen 3 monthly time-frame review
  • Dashboard view option of adverse events or infections
  • Logs (event registers) appear with individual events in one colour when open and change to another colour when the event is closed. This allows you to see quickly the status of events. 
  • Use in conjunction with your current policies / procedures or update to the HCSL site specific created policies and procedures.
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