Doreen Stevens – Owner / Manager

Shoshannim Care of the Elderly – Canterbury

Having been in the industry running my own Rest Home for 18 years now, I feel it’s important to have someone of Gillian’s caliber to advice and be a backup for us in keeping on track with the latest aged care information.  I know what’s going on in the industry but there are so many changes and we don’t have the time to write the policies and procedures.  I had huge stress trying to write them and employed an Registered Nurse to do this however I quickly discovered it was a specialty job and the average Registered Nurse hasn’t the skill or desire often to do the quality related work. Contracting Gillian 8 years ago took that stress away and with her continued support we now look forward to audits knowing we have everything on track.

I bought a national policy and procedure package from an alternative supplier however I still had customise it to our facility and that was taking so much of my time it didn’t help much.  It was a huge relief when we contracted Gillian and didn’t have to do any of that customization because she takes care of that.

Professionally Gillian is excellent and I know that if we’re not meeting the mark, she would raise that in a very professional way and advice on how to address gaps.  She’s also helped us out with our staff training and the staff really enjoy her sessions.  I attend them as well because I know I’ll always learn something new from Gillian!

I know I can ring her anytime and that gives me peace of mind.  I would advise any provider to contract her services.

Doreen Stevens – Owner / Manager

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