Cloud Based

Our software is cloud hosted, which gives you the ability to access our system and your vital information where ever you have internet access.  

User Permissions

HCSL gives you the ability to choose the level of access your users have. Ranging from FULL ACCESS through to your local GP or AUDITOR’s View.

Tablet Friendly

Designed for “On the Go” our software is optimised for use on a tablet, so you can take it with you, during shifts. 

Clinically Designed


Established in 2004 by Founder & CEO Gillian Robinson R.N, B.N &  Lead Auditor Gillian has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is well recognised as an expert in the quality systems and policies.

Simple To Use

Our aim has always been to make HCSL Software as  comprehensive as possible but keep it as simple and easy to use as well. 

HCSL Aged Care Software incorporates quality and risk, bench-marking, internal audit management systems as well as clinical functions) and how to use them.  These systems have all been audited numerous times for ARC provider Certification with maximum four year outcomes being achieved where the system is fully implemented. Tried and testing; pre-approved audit compliant.

HCSL Features

Customise Compliance & Certification

HCSL Device

Our focus is on making sure you have a current up to date compliant system and software which allows service to be documented in an efficient user-friendly manner. This helps ensure there are no surprises at audit time!

An increasing number of our clients are receiving four years Certification using this system which is fantastic to see. As you will know, this means less frequent audits resulting in financial savings and increased assurance of safe and appropriate service provision.

The HCSL system meets the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and Food Safety Act, Retirement Villages Act, DHB contractual (ARRC) and Health and Disability Services Standards (Ministry of Health – HealthCert) requirements.

Nursing best practice is also written into the processes to ensure they are evidence based.

Auditors can conduct their documentation audit directly from the online system through a restricted access login. That will save you the time in preparing and sending them documents which you will no longer need to do.  

Document Access Auditing

As well as having access to your documents, due to our client’s feedback and input, we have now added the Document Access Auditing feature, which automatically tracks which users have viewed Policy documentation and when. You will be able to produce instant records of which staff have accessed and reviewed specific documents in a simple to run report for audit purposes. As this is required tracking and historically a manual process, this new feature will save you time meeting compliance requirements. 

HCSL, taking the stress out of audits!

HCSL Audits
Cloud Hosted HCSL

Clinical Resources

As part of our offering we upload clinical resources, annual updates of the national ARRC agreements and other related Standards. The idea being that you can then access everything in one place. In the HCSL software, you’ll also have the option of uploading and managing internal documents in a security restricted area of the online document library. This ensures in the case of a disaster which may impact your ability to access hard-copy documents as occurred in the Christchurch earthquakes, you can choose to store your documents safely online in the cloud through the HCSL software.

Ongoing Updates 

An ongoing service agreement means the system is continually updated for you allowing you to always have a compliant system and use your time for other things. This means HCSL is an external and active addition to your team, and are committed to supporting your success and excellence in resident care.

We are committed to continually improving both the content of policies and procedures and the functions of the online system.  

Development of the system and customisation to your care facility would commence on receipt of the signed ‘Proposal / service agreement’.

This allows access under license to the online document library of policies and procedures (hardcopy manuals can be purchased if required but please note, hard copies are no longer an audit requirement).

Ongoing Update

Tablet Friendly 

The HCSL solution is designed for “On the Go” and is optimised for use on a tablet, so you can take it with you, to update records at the point of care.

Saving time by updating progress notes, care plans, upload photos, manage wound and infection control plus maintain your residents records, as you go. 

As HCSL is a cloud based solution, you do not need to invest in large amounts of hi-spec hardware to access and use. 

If potential loss of your onsite Wi-Fi connection is of concern, opt in for a Dual Wi-fi and Sim ready tablet.  

We suggest including use of Tablet devices for your staff (alongside any desktop or laptops), with a decent quality camera. This will support you in uploading photos for ID and wound care planning etc directly into the resident file from the Tablet.


Quick and Easy Set Up

We understand that changing to a new solution can seem like a daunting task, especially when time is a factor. 

 We are aware of your needs and the time pressure you are often under, which is why we designed the process to be simple and as easy to get you set up and started as possible.

We initiate the initial user and password codes for you to access to the HCSL software and you are then able to set up user access for your staff and allied health (including Doctors or Nurse Practitioners).

Easy Set Up HCSL

5 Fields To Start

From the point you gain access to the HCSL system ALL you need to do is enter 5 Fields for each resident to start using the system.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • NHI Number
  • Date of AdmissionTick HCSL

Integration & Existing Plans

Once that is done, you are ready to use the HCSL system straight away, and you will also be able to connect to your Medi-Map Electronic medication management system.  

The integration with Medi-Map means information flows automatically into your HCSL resident progress notes from Medi-Map. After this point you can load further details as/when needed in a time frame to suit.

Existing care plans are simple to upload in PDF format for your access and then as care plans come due, you can develop one directly in the HCSL system.  

Documents HCSL

Training & Support

TrainingStaff will change over time, so to support the initial implementation of the software and to be used to help onboard any new staff members as/when needed, we provide a comprehensive but simple to follow video library of instruction guides.  These are available if and whenever needed and are updated as features are added or changed. This support extends throughout the period of the service agreement to ensure appropriate system implementation and will also ensure audit outcomes are optimised. 

HCSL also offer ongoing relevant Industry specific updates & webinars for all when possible, as well as mentoring and coaching via email, zoom or phone to support the initial implementation of the system to achieve optimal Certification periods from full compliance.

Established in 2004 by Founder & CEO Gillian Robinson, Gillian has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and is well recognised as an expert in the quality systems and policies. Having worked in all roles possible within the residential care setting, as a Registered Nurse and Auditor Gillian understands it’s not always easy to meet the compliance ‘mark’ come audit time. We have all the tools and expertise to support you with the accompanying management and staff coaching to ease your path to the best Audit outcomes possible! We don’t stop at merely meeting compliance; HCSL systems are designed to support productivity and efficiency which take clients to the next level in providing excellence in care!