Version 2 HCSL Aged Care software now in use by over 3,800 users throughout NZ! See here for testimonials


This New Zealand designed web based (in-the-cloud) quality management system and bench-marking which allows you to track your progress against others on multiple levels. This is a natural by-product of you simply recording your service. Efficient use of time as there is no extra  data entry just for benchmarking! 

You have instant access to your Benchmarking data, analysis and reports in LIVE time.  You can review on multiple levels from different types of charts which can be drilled down to be shown as eg;

  • Level of care specific
  • Type of each adverse event or infection including outbreak reports (both with clear definitions visible for staff while logging these online)
  • Location where each event occurred
  • Time of day event occurred
  • Day of the week events occurred 
  • Injury related or non-injury
  • Graphs showing comparison with industry in LIVE time
  • Individual resident surveillance and reporting of events is facility wide or drill down into your automated trend and pattern analysis to view details of events against a vast number of variables. 
  • Use the automated reported to identify health and safety gaps or identify quality improvement projects for Continuous Improvement recognition in your next Certification audit.  

Log in from a computer anywhere / anytime – see one site or multiple sites.  Compare against others sites to measure your quality improvement projects progress over time.  Intuitive software which takes digit literacy in consideration to support ease of use. 

Reports show rate of completion and compliance for all scheduled tasks. Drill down into your results to identify opportunities for improvement. 

Co-creating design and functionality with clients so you get what you need!

To have a brief overview of some of the features, click here for one of our mini user guide videos.  

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