Testimonial – The Village Palms & Merivale Retirement Village




After being a Registered Nurse and Manager for over thirty years, I have seen new systems come and go. The uphill struggle attempting to adapt a systems functionality when it obviously does not meet service requirements is both time consuming and frustrating. Life in the New Zealand aged care industry is difficult enough without having inadequate electronic tools to assist you in data collection, reporting, analysis and creating a log of presenting issues.

That is why the HCSL system is an absolute God send. There is a reason why this system is the winner of the Excellence in Software Award – NZ Excellence in IT Awards 2021.

It’s easily navigable system, national benchmarking for clinical KPI’s, complaints management, automatically updated policies and procedures and prompting for overdue care plan reviews to name a few, make it a truly invaluable tool for managers.

If you work in the New Zealand aged care industry and have not yet invested in HCSL, you really are missing out. I strongly recommend taking the time to find out about HCSL and the immediate benefits it will bring to any organisation whether it is a large corporate or a smaller, owner-operator business.

Jon Amesbury RN – Regional General Manager

The Village Palms & Merivale Retirement Village

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