RN – Manager, Kaiapoi Lodge Resthome and Hospital – February 2017

We are a medium sized rest home and hospital. The complexities of the various standards means that without a product such as HCSL we would find it difficult to function. Health Care Compliance Solutions Ltd has ensured we stay up to date and compliant in all areas of our industry.

The recent introduction of the online tool has been a massive invaluable boost, all staff now have access to the latest documents online.

Never before have we been able to compare ourselves against industry. Instant access to current documents, analysis of events and graphical representation are just a click away. Adverse events and infections are recorded and compared against industry.  The ability to log complaints, restraints and complete internal audit has aided in our ability to close the quality circle.

With HCSL we no longer need to worry about the policies and procedures we just need to focus on the implementation.



Jonathan Prangnell

Registered Nurse/Manager 

Kaiapoi Lodge Residential Care Ltd  – February 2017

Village Manager – Chatswood Retirement Village

I have found that having Gillian’s (the HCSL) system available has been a huge help to our village. Documents are easily accessible at my fingertips and it hasn’t taken long to memorise some of the codes for the more frequently used ones.


If we are having trouble finding a document or we want to make any adjustments, Gillian is always very accommodating and helpful. She is easily contacted by telephone or email and if she is busy, always gets back to me as soon as she is able to. I particularly like that if I want to type into a document, Gillian makes this available.


When the documents are due for updating, Gillian takes care of this, printing all of the documents and putting them into new folders for us. She even delivers them personally, which is always a pleasure. I find Gillian very approachable and extremely knowledgeable and happy to share her knowledge.


Gillian assists us with our training requirements by coming to Chatswood and going through the annual compulsory subjects with myself and my staff. She is great at presenting and the passion about her work shows in the way she shares her own experiences with us.


I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Kyla Hurley – Village Manager

January 2017

Owner / Manager – Springlands Lifestyle Village

Being the Manager of a facility who does not have a clinical background, I have found Gillian to be of huge support. She has a great understanding of the Aged Residential Care industry and is a wealth of knowledge. She has been nothing but supportive since we introduced her (the HCSL) policies and procedures into the facility in 2012.  Having her expertise on hand has been hugely beneficial for the Village.

Gillian also visits the facility twice a year providing education sessions which are both informative and engaging.  Staff have commented positively on her ability to share real life experiences during these sessions which show her true passion for what she does and the service we are here to provide.

Gillian is respected by staff, management and Governance of Springlands Lifestyle Village and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking for a healthcare consultant who is knowledgeable, understanding and professional. She is committed to helping you improve the service you provide to your Residents.


Naomi Nailer

Village Manager

Springlands Lifestyle Village


January 2017

Tracey Dimmock-Rump – Owner / Manager

Amberley Resthome and Retirement Studios

“I was referred to Gillian Robinson (HSCL) through a colleague as I knew I needed expertise help when starting out in the aged care industry. Little did I know I would get the best!
Working alongside someone as passionate as Gillian is a privilege which reflects the level of commitment she makes to you as a client. From the phone calls and emails, to the training sessions, to the continuous improvement guidance and depth of knowledge that is implemented in our system. I can’t thank Gillian enough for her support and have no hesitation in recommending her services to anybody in the healthcare sector.

She knows this industry inside and out and has played a pivotal role in our success as an organisation”.


Tracey Dimmock-Rump – Owner / Manager

Jenny Dempsey – Owner / Manager


As facility managers we know all too well the time consuming task of writing implementing and updating policy / procedure manuals.

Back in 2013 with the opening of Park Lane looming and my “to do list” growing by the day, I remembered hearing about a lady called “Gillian Robinson” who could provide facility specific policy / procedure manuals and also support us in obtaining Ministry of Health certification.

Following my first meeting with Gillian I was very impressed by her positive and professional manner. During our meeting it soon became evident Gillian is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Aged Care Sector and achieving quality outcomes.

I left that meeting feeling refreshed and invigorated – ready to attack my “to do list”.

Gillian not only provided facility specific and user friendly policy / procedure manuals, she also supported us during the implementation period ensuring we met Ministry of Health audit requirements.

Gillian is truly a “book of knowledge” and most importantly she is approachable and always willing to share her knowledge. For Gillian there is never a silly question.

Having Gillian’s expertise on board has been a great asset not only at management level but also for our clinical care team.

If you are looking for a healthcare consultant who is professional, supportive, knowledgeable and accessible I would highly recommend Gillian Robinson of Healthcare Compliance Solutions Ltd.


Jenny Dempsey – Owner / Manager

Testimonial – Shoshannim Care of the Elderly – Canterbury

After well over 20 years, I’m retiring and moving on to new ventures.  I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being there when I needed you and being a close colleague and work support. Your systems kept us on track meaning audit was always so much less stressful than it used to be. It does mean a lot to me to know you’re there at the end of the phone.

Thank you

your friend

Trudy Doreen Stevens (Owner – Shoshannim Care of the Elderly (Ohoka, Canterbury)

Helen Hills

Oakwoods Lifecare

Gillian was the facilitator at a meeting I attended yesterday on policies and procedures, at an aged care facility where I am employed, and has recently changed ownership.

She was such an excellent presenter and held our attention for the entire time. The material she spoke about was all very relevant to us all, and she made it so easy to understand, not only, what it all meant, but the reasons why it was being done. She spoke on our level, which made me feel very comfortable in her presence. Not everyone accepts change easily, but the more she spoke, the more she made us really feel that we were all a team, working together, and all “on the same page”. I have been to many many courses, lectures, meetings etc of this type over the years, with many different companies and this is the first time that I have come away feeling so good, refreshed, and eager to get this “new way of doing things underway”.

She has such an approachable, friendly and professional manner, and I am very much looking forward to working alongside her over the next 2 years that she has been contracted to our facility for.

Thank you Gillian for what you did for us yesterday. You were amazing!!

Helen Hills – Oakwoods Lifecare (2012) Ltd – Nelson

Allen Bryant – Lifecare

Westland Residential Care Facility

Gillian came on site in June 2002 in a Temporary Manager role to support the owner of the facility with change that was needed. She was able to install facility specific policy and procedures manuals to meet Ministry of Health audit requirements. When Certification was required her support ensured we were the first facility to be Certified against the newly legislated Standards on the West Coast. I took over as Facility Manager in 2005 and have been grateful to have had Gillian continuing to upgrade the policies on an annual basis ever since.

She’s also provided training as we’ve required it and is a very good presenter. She always attracts high attendance as Gillian has a high level of knowledge in Aged Care. It’s reassuring to know that she’s there when I need her and can contact her at any time with any query. I would recommend their services relating to education or improving audit outcomes including addressing those difficult issues that come up from time to time.

Allen Bryant – Lifecare – Hokitika

Lucie Kaal – General Manager

Rosewood Resthome and Hospital, Christchurch

  • National Aged Care Excellence Award 2008 Staff Training and Development Winner
  • 2009 Built and Grown Environment Winner; 2010 Innovative Care Finalist.

I have known Gill professionally for 5 years and have always found her to be extremely professional in everything she does. She demands high standards from herself and is able to ‘bring the best out in people’. Gill is highly focused and motivated and is able to motivate others well. Gill knows the industry inside out and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and lend a hand if needed. She is able to communicate and share her knowledge well on many differentlevels and is well respected.

I would recommend contracting her services to any provider; we have never had any concernswith audits regarding our policy and procedure manuals; which Gill updates regularly andspecifically for our resident group. Her policy and procedure manuals are easy to follow andunderstand. She is always available to provide further training if needed on a range of subjectsrelating to the industry.

Gill is easy to get hold of and will always return calls or just pop in – it is reassuring to know there is someone like Gill available to providers/facilities for ongoing support and I mostcertainly recommend that you give her a call.

Gill has a true PASSION for the Aged Care industry.

Lucie Kaal – General Manager

Doreen Stevens – Owner / Manager

Shoshannim Care of the Elderly – Canterbury

Having been in the industry running my own Rest Home for 18 years now, I feel it’s important to have someone of Gillian’s caliber to advice and be a backup for us in keeping on track with the latest aged care information.  I know what’s going on in the industry but there are so many changes and we don’t have the time to write the policies and procedures.  I had huge stress trying to write them and employed an Registered Nurse to do this however I quickly discovered it was a specialty job and the average Registered Nurse hasn’t the skill or desire often to do the quality related work. Contracting Gillian 8 years ago took that stress away and with her continued support we now look forward to audits knowing we have everything on track.

I bought a national policy and procedure package from an alternative supplier however I still had customise it to our facility and that was taking so much of my time it didn’t help much.  It was a huge relief when we contracted Gillian and didn’t have to do any of that customization because she takes care of that.

Professionally Gillian is excellent and I know that if we’re not meeting the mark, she would raise that in a very professional way and advice on how to address gaps.  She’s also helped us out with our staff training and the staff really enjoy her sessions.  I attend them as well because I know I’ll always learn something new from Gillian!

I know I can ring her anytime and that gives me peace of mind.  I would advise any provider to contract her services.

Doreen Stevens – Owner / Manager