You choose them but what are your choices based on?· Yes, we’re talking about your staff!· Maybe one of your key staff members has just resigned so your instant reaction once you’ve accepted the fact they’re leaving, may be to advertise and get their position re-filled.· Wait just a minute though!· Is that position in it’s previous form the best option for ensuring the smooth running of that shift and achieving the best for the residents and the operational needs of the facility?

This may be just the opportunity to restructure some roles and look at the positions held within the organisation while clarifying whether the current structure is the best option.· Who have you consulted in making this decision?· Have your staff been complaining about anything lately or making suggestions for change?· Are you listening to their suggestions?·

Your staff truly are your best asset as they work the roles and know all the hold ups and loss of efficiency that is currently occurring on their shifts.· They will also have ideas on how things can be improved if you give them the time to value their suggestions and test their ideas.· People are unlikely to offer that information which is valuable to you unless you provide the opportunity and an atmosphere that welcomes input from everyone involved in the organisation.

In working with clients conducting employee surveys, one of the most frequently noted opportunities for improvement from responses is in the area of valuing staff.  How are you doing on that score? Is staff contribution recognised in a way that is meaningful to the individual staff members taking into consideration that all staff may have different things that motivate them?

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